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Velscope ®

Oral Cancer Screening

At Carleton Place Dental Centre we routinely screen every patient for various oral tissue diseases and abnormalities including oral cancer as part of our examination. Velscope is the latest technology we use to detect oral cancer in early stage. It is important to detect oral cancer early since it helps improve treatment outcome and survival rate. The screening device is a very simple non-invasive screening procedure that gives immediate result while you seat on the dentist chair.

Velscope is a handheld tool that emits a safe blue light into the mouth, causing colour change f oral mucosa. Normal healthy tissues and diseased tissues react differently to the blue light. By looking for these colour changes of adnormal tissue dentist can identify many problems. We strongly believe this is an improved oral cancer device and encourage every patient to have it done at each visit.

Health Canada has approved its use to help discover pre-cancerous and cancerous oral tissues that might not be apparent to the naked eye. Although the chances are you are likely free of early cancer or cancer, the screening is a good precaution just as mammogram or prostate exams.


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